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Bamboo is a high performance, ultra lightweight fabric. Warn as a base layer your haramaki will be incredibly soft and cosy next to your skin. Regulate your temperature by insulating your core; trapping air within the structure of the fabric to keep you snug and warm in the coldest of conditions. Whilst wicking away moisture bamboo fabric also has antibacterial properties, keeping your haramaki fresh and allowing you to be comfortable in your kidney warmer all year round.

Unisex Bamboo Haramaki

SKU: 001
  • These Haramaki (kidney warmers) are UNISEX.  

    Using high performance Bamboo fabric these Haramaki are the ultimate light weight insulating base layer and do not need to be folded over.

    Recommended for people with kidney, back or abdominal ailments, following holistic treatments like acupuncture or shiatsu massage, recuperating from illness or surgery. Offering comfort and support 24 hours a day. Suitable for all outdoor activities.

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