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  • What is a Haramaki?
    The Haramaki (kidney warmer) originated in Japan in the 16th century. Worn by the Samurai under their armour to protect the stomach and kidneys. Five centuries on, they are still worn and appreciated in Japan for their health promoting properties. The Haramaki's (kidney warmers) function is to maintain the body's core warmth. This in turn helps to boost blood circulation, ease back aches and soothe abdominal ailments. Now worn as the ultimate super efficient base layer.
  • What's the difference between the Bamboo and Fashion Haramaki?
    Our Unisex Bamboo Haramaki (kidney warmers/base layers) are £22.50 plus £2.50 P+P in the UK. The Bamboo haramaki is made from 93% bamboo viscose with 7% elastane; feels like silk next to the skin. Our Fashion Haramaki (kidney warmers/base layers) are £12.50 plus £2.50 P+P in the UK. The Fashion haramaki is made from 95% cotton viscose with 5% elastane; like T-shirt material.
  • How can I pay?
    Just order through our website!
  • Do we offer bespoke orders?
    Yes we do! Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss creating a Bespoke Unisex Bamboo Haramaki (kidney warmer/base layers) now available £32.50 plus £2.50 P+P in the UK. Contact me direct to order, invoiced via PayPal.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Yes to the bamboo and fashion or can swap for a different size. But no swaps or refunds for bespoke orders we are sorry.
  • How can I get a discount?
    Discount given on all orders of three haramaki or more. This saving comes from reduced P+P costs from £2.50 each to £1 each calculated at checkout.

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